About me

Douglas J. Paik (Bio)

I grew up on a small farm in rural Saskatchewan and eventually moved to Victoria B.C where I discovered that I had an untapped artistic talent. These talents were discovered in a very extraordinary way, much different than most photographers. Night after night for months, I would dream that I was taking pictures of people, places and objects. These dreams were incredibly detailed.
The first thing I did was to research the various types of cameras which included the reviews. After
months of researching cameras, I purchased a Sony A6300 mirror less camera, which is a fantastic
piece of engineering.
I have been working as a freelance creative artist for a number of years. My main focus is on secondary
light and capturing the optimum moment. You may ask what is the optimum moment. It is similar to:
  • how excited your taste buds were the first time you had a sip of a fine wine or brandy
  • the excitement which your brain enjoyed the moment when you saw a beautiful rainbow
  • your first kiss
  • how a great blues song touched your very soul
  • the very first time you saw an angel
I feel fortunate that my pictures have received positive reviews from many local artists.
The most important lessons which I have learned are to have fun with photography and enjoy life to it’s fullest.
The logo shown above is the end result of the collaboration between myself and my very gifted
daughter. Plus, my daughter suggested the name of the company….Collectivevoice.